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Save thousands and say "heck yes!" to more customers with our exclusive 2X T-shirt printing bundle. 

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You’re ready to start or expand your custom apparel business and you want to:

  • save money upfront (not grow piecemeal)
  • offer the highest print quality & craftsmanship
  • maximize what you can offer to customers

The 2X T-Shirt Printing Bundle is pretty much your custom apparel business in a box. Okay, it can’t find the customers for you, or do your accounting…  

…but it is the most profitable, flexible and productive solution on the market. Keep reading to find out why.

This is your business in one money-saving bundle

  • Make the most money per shirt with a Direct to Garment Printer. With it's flexible platent system and RIPpro software, the DTG M-Series lets you print higher quality images, faster. And at the lowest cost per print in the industry. 
  • Print way more than just t-shirts with a Digital HeatFX transfer printer. There's nothing more versatile than a white toner t-shirt transfer. Make custom shirts, caps, coolers, backpacks - you can even apply the transfers to performance wear and wood!

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We’ve helped 21,000 people start and expand their custom apparel business. Will you be 21,001?

Spend less. Print more. Wow customers. 

DTG M-series printer + Digital HeatFX white toner printer = Total Business Bliss

Spend less  

The DTG M-series is the lowest cost per print solution on the market. 

PLUS, you save thousands when it's bundled with the Digital Heat FX. 

Bottm line? Our 2X T-shirt printing bundle saves you time and money. 

Print more 

DTG printers are ideal for cotton and extra-large print areas. 

Digital Heat FX transfer printers are ideal for poly and promo products. 

Both are full-color, NO WEEDING solutions that are versatile and fast.

Wow customers 

With the 2X T-shirt Printing Bundle you can literally do it all.

Turn one-time customers into lifetime evangelists.

With high-quality custom images on just about ANY material out there. 

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“I totally stressed out over which machine and system to go with to grow my business. And I’m so glad I chose the Digital Heat FX bundle. Customers love all the color options, and that I can show them what a design looks like before actually printing it. Since choosing ColDesi and the Digital Heat FX system, we’ve TRIPLED our business profits.”

-Eugene Rosalex

DOUBLE or QUADRUPLE your revenue (without working harder)  

  • Print more: double or quadruple your revenue by printing 2x or even 4x more  
  • Spend less: the DTG M-Series is the lowest cost per print in the industry
  • Wow customers: with photo realistic detail & higher quality prints than screen printing or vinyl cutting

Special Financing Available

The 2X Printing Bundle is ideal for you if you're ready to jumpstart your business and you want...


The DTG M2 lets you Print 4 different images at the same time. Or print one 16.5 x 24 inch image—that’s 25% bigger than the competition.

The Digital HeatFX Transfer System makes it a breeze to print multiple transfers for any material


Print quality affects your margins and your reputation. The DTG M-2 series uses hyper-efficient RIP-Pro software, which lets you adjust the quality. 

The Print Optimizer for Digital HeatFX does the same - AND lets you print multiple images on a single sheet!


You'll save THOUSANDS of dollars up front with the 2X T-shirt Printing Bundle. But you'll also save customers because...

You'll never have to say "No" to a customer request again--print on anything, faster and save. 

Special financing available  

“I started working with ColDesi when I purchased my GS1501 embroidery machine. But I kept my eye on the Digital Heat FX system over the years. The addition of the Digital HeatFX has increased the scope of my business so I can now offer a full line of decorated apparel as well as other items to my clients. Without it, my business wouldn’t be possible.”

- Terry Smalley

The DTG M2 is ideal for speed and large sizes

Print more in less time without sacrificing quality or spending your profits on ink.

Lowest cost per print on the market

Whether you’re printing on white garments or dark garments, the DTG M2 is still the lowest cost per print out there.

Average cost for light garments is .32/shirt

Average cost for dark garments is .42/shirt

The Digital HeatFX is ideal for sportswear and accessories

Print full color transfers--with no weeding--that you can apply to almost ANYTHING


  • leather
  • nylon
  • neoprene
  • non-woven material
  • ceramics
  • acrylics
  • glass
  • wood
  • metal


  • t-shirts
  • jackets
  • signs & displays
  • USB & cell phone cases
  • water bottles & mugs
  • canvas bags
  • koozies
  • sports equipment
  • much, much more

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“This was a substantial purchase for my business, so I spent a TON of time researching white-toner printers. I ultimately bought the Digital HeatFX OKI 8432 WT printer and a fusion heat press from ColDesi because they had the BEST options in terms of packages, supplies, and support that I could find. They’ve been my partner in success ever since!” 

- Corey Pendergraft

Get started faster and save even more with the 2X Printing Bundle

You’re ready to start or expand your custom apparel business and you want to do it without spending more than you have to, or sacrificing print quality. That’s EXACTLY what we’re here to help you do!  

Call us today and ask about our 2X Printing Bundle, which includes massive savings and access to perks like:  

• Membership to our exclusive Ink Savers Club  

• Live or online training with a ColdDesi expert  

• Unlimited tech support & business training

Special financing available

“I did my homework for a year or more, researching techniques, companies, printers, etc.. And let me tell you, I hit the jackpot deciding to work with ColDesi!”

- Susan Numan 

Start or expand your business the smart way

Start faster and avoid big order failure with the ONLY printing business bundle on the market. 

Spend less. Print more. Wow Customers. At no risk to you.




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We've helped 21,000 people start or expand their custom apparel business. 

We know the industry inside & out, from the tech to the strategy.  

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