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What is Print Optimizer?

Print Optimizer is a combination of the OKI pro8432WT (white toner printer), a professional level heat press, universal transfer paper (Laser EZ Peel) and all the training needed. DigitalHeat FX offers the only live online training in the market.  

Print Optimizer is a “RIP” Software. That stands for Raster Image Processor. It’s a software that’s designed to help you take an existing image and produce the best possible result as efficiently as possible.

The software also saves you money. You can MAKE MORE on every shirt!

Spend Less On Toner

When you print a full-color custom t-shirt transfer with the DigitalHeat FX system and the OKI pro8432WT, the cost toner costs aren’t much – fractions of pennies sometimes.  

However, it adds up over time. So we’ve included unique toner saving features in the Print Optimizer software.

Spend Less on Software

We know that as designers and creators you may not have room in your budget for expensive software from Adobe® or Corel® (up to $1,500/set).  

We’ve also included an excellent graphics software called GIMP with every copy of Print Optimizer.  

  • No NEED to buy any other graphics software.
  • No NEED to bother with paid training or academies.
  • No NEED to learn complicated software features you may never need.
  • Invest that money back into your business!

Maximize Production

There are also TONS more features in Print Optimizer to explore – we haven’t even scratched the surface.


  • Job Costing – you can input your toner cost, labor costs and more to get more accurate quotes created.
  • Real Production Queues – you will be able to load up an almost unlimited number of jobs, then just print them one after the other.
  • Knock Me Out Colors – Printing on a blue shirt? Just remove that color from the design inside Print Optimizer. You’ll save on toner, and the shirt will have a better/software texture.
  • And More…

Here are just a few things you can do with the DigitalHeat FX System.  

  • Make full-color custom t-shirts, light or dark colors, cottons, polyester and more
  • Create custom color designs on wood, canvas and other promotional items
  • Make custom bags, coolers, backpacks

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